What concepts and practices of rest can we mobilise, that do not simply relapse into the choreographies of neoliberal productivity?

What corpo-realities, what movement sensibilities, what discursive practices, what (hi)stories, what (meta)physics, what forms of assembly do we need to rehearse, to resist in the kineticist societies of control and self(ie)-performance we live in?

How to rehearse forms of disengagement from everything that, in our daily forms of living and relating, working and instituting, continues to reinstate cycles of violence, oppression, exhaustion?

Poetry without Poets #1Restop #1

Recently, Alix started a cycle of collective studies around notions of Rest(s): Institute of Rest(s). This project is funded by La Manufacture, Haute école des arts de la scène – HES-SO in Lausanne and supported by Tanzquartier Wien , La Grange Center /Arts et Sciences / UNIL Lausanne, Xing Bologna, Le Far Nyon, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Volkskundemuseum Vienna and ImpulsTanz Vienna. Alix is the recipient of the Arbeitstipendium for the year 2023.