Death by Landscape or a second night, Janet, a cadence out of time, une balade dans le bois, a melody sung in darkness, a sting removed by fiction,a waste of time, an act of archeography, a thank-you-dance, a dance to under-grow.

premiere at brut Wien 6 7 8  9 November 2024

the pre-text
the pre-face
of inscriptions traces / grammatically possessed

a potential to signify “nothing, in particular”

falling through the fields [the space it requires to think of a field]

an early scorch, nocturnal and sleepy

i once buried sleep in a Belgian garden at night. it was rigid with death

in a way/in a sentence/in an agenda/ in a dream/ in a plot/ in language

we drip-leak caress cailloux, we touch theory
(a dance that takes place outside of relations & long attractions/abstractions)

iridescent trails left by cosmetology in the ocean

open the gap between words, insert grace in a geological time , g(l)ossip and sip
weave your dirty palette, a ritual in stillness and mourning lotion

a hollowed out time
just lining out
while my left arm grazes

a moving group of chemicals suspended by the shoulder straps
pyjama-like trousers co-produce the atmosphere
the atmosphere that allows things not to snap into making sense
subterranean meows high on night pollen

these travels, milking the soil
our lexical fields in checkered patterns

how not to retain, keep
how to de-solidify
inserting air and words in an articulation:
i want to publish words in your knee, under your left patella

it shouts and drops eyes
heart drops, an acceleration of a breath
there is a piano tune between the palm of my hand and the floor

with & by
Cécile Tonizzo, Mark Lorimer, Hugo Le Brigand, Han-Gyeol Lie, a grand piano, Alix Eynaudi – internship Shu Yi Denise Lim 
Sound design and music Paul Kotal together with Han-Gyeol Lie
Light design Bruno Pocheron together with Madison Pomarico
Costumes design An Breugelmans
accomplice Anne Faucheret
film Ujjwal Kanishka Utkarsh

performances at Kaaitheater (dates tba)

Production mollusca productions coproduction brut Wien residencies Kunstencentrum BUDA, Volkskundemuseum Wien, Rennweg Studios supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, BMKOES / Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport