(Im)mobility Salon #3 – a cycle of meditations / conferences / restshops / libraries

4-5-6-7-10-11.06 2024 at the Volkskundemuseum in Vienna

Each day, 2 sessions of approximately 2 hours will take place in the room-library: one in the morning at 11 am and one in the afternoon at 3pm. It is open to all, free of charge. The space is accessible to people with reduced mobility via a lift.

This is not an event. The program will weave together a landscape of collective studies; fibers of poems as spells, desires and practices that are messy and diverse, as well as joyful, occult and celebratory.



DAY 1, Tue 04.06.
11.00 Restshop by Alix Eynaudi
15.00 Shivangi Mariam Raj /  The Funambulist

 DAY 2, Wed 05.06.
11.00 Andrea Ancira / Tumbalacasa
15.00 Shivangi Mariam Raj 

 DAY 3, Thurs 06.06.
11.00 Ujjwal Utkarsh Kanishka
15.00 Jaba Devdariani / Civil Georgia

 DAY 4, Fri 07.06.
11.00 Jason Dodge / fivehundred places
15.00 Raimundas Malašauskas

DAY 5. Mon 10.06.
11.00 Mette Edvardsen & Jeroen PeetersVaramo Press
15.00 Nicole Suzuki

DAY 6, Tues 11.06.
11.00 Mette Edvardsen & Jeroen Peeters / Varamo Press
15.00 Haunted Nap by Paula Caspão & Alix Eynaudi

for a detailed program, link here



The Studying Choir
A study group composed of artists, writers, dancers will follow the whole salon: Elizabeth Ward, Mzamo Nondlwana, Ari Ban, Anne Juren, Auguste De Boursetty, Catol Teixeira, Claire Lefèvre, Serena Lee, Han-Gyeol Lie, Alex Franz Zehetbauer, Sabina Holzer, Olia Sosnovskaya

The Library
The experimental library setting of the (Im)mobility Salon #3, consists of a selection of books from the libraries of Alix Eynaudi, Tanzquartier Wien Volkskundemuseum the anarchistische bibliothek | archiv | institut | wien Varamo Press Xong Tumbalacasa Ediciones. The room is installed in dialogue with the class of Artistic Strategies, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, led by Anne Faucheret with Emma Gioia Enzi, Sven Kammerer, Aimée Kohn, Tam-Anh Nguyen, Elisabeth Petutschnig, Aizat Sagymbaeva.


At the Volkskundemuseum Wien this June, in alliance with Tanzquartier Wien and La Manufacture/ HES-SO University of  applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland, (Im)mobility #3 is plotting several encounters with independent publishers, poets, writers, journalists, editors and artists whose work sits in along and with practices of dissida/ence & refusal.

(Im)mobility Salon #3 is not an event!

The program will weave together a landscape of dances and talks: fibers of poems as spells, desires and practices that are messy and diverse, as well as joyful, occult and celebratory.

(Im)mobility Salon is imagined as an organisation of collective studies; a longing to rest in study, with many.

(Im)mobility Salon #3 longs to turn a choreographic inquiry into dreams of open-ended rehearsals of suspensions, of resting together. Fomenting little cracks and openings, the (Im)mobility Salon series aspires to write and dance beyond overdetermined semantic fields (and their syntax of ruination), there where the implicit summons wordings, there where it doesn’t go without saying/dancing.

Alongside the public sharing, a study group (the Studying Choir) composed of 12 artists and scholars will occupy the room at all time. There have been major critiques regarding the notions of ‘study’ and ‘research’ (both recast as ‘practice’, i.e. as forms of thinking and being together that never come into their own). Following groundbreaking works like The Undercommons (Moten & Harney, 2013), we re-became able to conceive of ‘study’ as a set of relationships with no clear ends and with no clear names, a complicated interdependency between places, people, and resources (or lack thereof). A life form that can only take shape and endure as friendship, a shared duration, a lived endurance with one another, an understanding of our “mutual indebtedness” (instead of our being subjected to national and global debts), in the terms Randy Martin formulated in the lecture “Dance and Finance” (2013). Irit Rogoff, in turn, talks about a transformation in the notion of ‘research’ that seems to be taking place, and that is why she proposes to understand research “not as something that happens in the academy as such, but as an absolute existential necessity for the pursuit of life […], research as a matter of survival” that is not a less important one, “not a secondary form of research”. On the contrary: it is “a primary form of research”; “the figuring of where you are and what you can and can’t do; where you stand in the scheme of things – that’s research”; “a process by which we go through something together” (Rogoff, 2017).

A co-production between Volkskundemuseum, Tanzquartier Wien and Institute of Rest(s). Production Management mollusca-productions

Institute of Rest(s) is funded by La Manufacture, Haute école des arts de la scène – HES-SO in Lausanne & supported by Tanzquartier Wien , La Grange Center /Arts et Sciences / UNIL Lausanne, Xing Bologna, le far° fabrique des arts vivants Nyon, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Volkskundemuseum Vienna and ImpulsTanz Vienna.



Paula Caspão (writer, lecturer at the University of Lisbon) (PT) Shivangi Mariam Raj (The Funambulist magazine) (IN/FR) Anne Faucheret (curator, writer, lecturer) (FR/AT) Jason Dodge (artist & poetry publisher fivehundredplaces) (US/DK)Ujjwal Kanishka Utkarsh (film maker, researcher, lecturer) (IN/AT) Raimundas Malasauškas (curator, writer) (LT) Mette Edvardsen (artist & publisher Varamo Press) (NO/BE) Jeroen Peeters (dramaturge, writer & publisher Varamo Press) (BE) Jaba Devdariani (co-founder & editor Civil.ge) (GE/AT) Nini Gabrichidze (editor Cahiers Civiques at Civil.ge) (GE) Serena Lee (artist, writer, researcher) (CA/AT) Catol Teixeira (choreographer, dancer) (BR /CH) Auguste De Boursetty (choreographer, dancer) (FR/CH) Sabina Holzer (artist, writer, researcher) (AT) Elizabeth Ward (artist, writer, researcher, danceteller) (US/AT) Olia Sosnovskaya (artist & researcher) (BY/AT) Andrea Ancira (editor, curator, researcher & co-creator of  Tumbalacasa Ediciones) (MX/AT) Claire Lefèvre (artist, femme choreographer, insomniac writer & reality TV enthusiast) (FR/AT) Alex Franz Zehetbauer (sonic choreographer, performance artist & singer) (US/AT) Alix Eynaudi (researcher, choreographer, dancer, writer) (FR/AT) Anne Juren (choreographer, dancer, art researcher & Feldenkrais practitioner) (FR/AT) Nicole Suzuki, artist, publisher, head of the publishing department at Kunsthalle Wien (AT)


magazine The Funambulist independent publishing houses Civil.ge, Varamo Press, fivehundred places, Tumbalacasa & the collection of artist records Xong