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Challenging the audience and herself – this might sum up the successful recipe of Anne Juren, the French choreographer resident in Vienna. “Komposition” is a very individual choreographic work that provides sensitive insights into the cooperation of the dancers Marianne Baillot, Alix Eynaudi, Anne Juren and Agata Maszkiewicz. In accord with the meaning of the title, the dance work is a putting together – more accurately, a ‘dancing together’ – by four women. It provides an independent perspective of how a group of dancers can act on the stage in that they employ the characteristics and experiences of each individual as a primary tool of choreographic performance and reception. Constantly present on stage, they underline their differences but without erecting a comparison. They encounter and touch each other, dance together, consolidate gestures and make so much of this moment until they are surprised by their own activity.

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Concept Anne Juren
Performers Marianne Baillot, Alix Eynaudi, Anne Juren, Agata Maszkiewicz
Lighting Bruno Pocheron
Lighting Assistance Victor Duran
Design Roland Rauschmeier
Production Pauline Roussille
Production AIRE/Pauline Roussille and Wiener Tanz-und Kunstbewegung
Co-Production Choreographic Center Linz, Szene Salzburg