Exploding lights, smoking dance.
Or a multitude of vertigos.

You are by turns put in the light, enchanted and strangely taken over.

You are a spectator.
You are in front of a conventional performance space: a naked, black box.
‘she isn’t there’.

Little by little, the space gets filled, passed through by luminous and resounding air.
It agitates you, it touches you, you slip into it.
A dancer appears, she shows you her dance, she drags you along in her world, she delights you, you see her thinking, almost talking, letting go…until she disappears in the smoke.
Then, a voice arises from the deepest of your thoughts, it guides you, it tortures you, it sees through you despite of you, it plays with you. The voice also pulls you along: ‘come with me’.
All the elements of the performance; the light, the sound, the smoke, the dance, the dancer, are treated with an equal attention, it is a group piece.

Here, no effect is ever simply an effect.