with & by Mark Lorimer, Qim Pujol, Cécile Tonizzo, Alix Eynaudi, Bruno Pocheron and An Breugelmans


Chesterfield is a discipline that wants to be read.

 It results from applying a collection of leather manipulation techniques to bodies and wares. Interspersed with embossed masks, pyrographed buttons and linocuts on cowskin, Chesterfield develops a maze of signs where dance tends towards the infinitely soft, infused with irreverence and affection.

 Using poetry as a choreographic device, Chesterfield proposes a fluctuating chain of correspondences between movements, sounds, bodies, books, fabrics and light. At the crossroads between the syntax of dance, the music of movement and bodies in verse, Chesterfield is a patchwork poem woven with threads of leather and composed with a sensuous cadence.

 Inspired by the poetics of woman-made herbariums from the Victorian era, Chesterfield incorporates limbs flowing in space like ink on parchment and choreographies sprouting like burgeoning buds.

 At the Volkskunden Museum in December, bookworms will crawl into thin air and turn into fireflies.