Meeting Points 8: Both Sides of the Curtain
نقاط لقاء ٨: جهتي الستار

Penetrations, an ongoing choreography by Alix Eynaudi with costumes by An Breugelmans and performed by Cecile Tonizzo. Copyright: La Loge.

Wednesday 7 December
18:00 to 22:00

Opening hours
week 1: 08/12/16 – 10/12/16

12:00 to 21:00
week 2 : 14/12/16 – 17/ 12/ 16
12:00 – 18:00

Both Sides of the Curtains is the eighth edition of Meeting Points – a multidisciplinary contemporary arts project that takes place every two years in several cities in Europe and the Arab World. Meeting Points invites curators to imagine and interrogate models for the production and presentation of contemporary arts, developed through their research in the Arab World. Inspired by German artist Oskar Schlemmer’s experiments with art at the Bauhaus in the 1920s, Meeting Points aims at inventing ways for new kinds of art to be created and shared between artists and publics. Many of Schlemmer’s ideas at the school were developed through social events where costumes and choreographies were put to practical use and tested. It is this logic of considering art as a form of enthusiastic developing and sharing of ideas—an interaction that creates a community—that is shaping Meeting Points into a space where participants move along together on an expedition through different sites and times.

At La Loge Both Sides of the Curtain unfolds in letters, situations, objects, meanings, and sounds. What began in Cairo, lands now in Brussels, and moves on to Beirut for the spring. A conversation between many bodies, minds, cities, and times, Both Sides of the Curtain behaves like an improvisation though it’s also a score.  This slippage and arbitrariness – an everyday cause for invention for an artist in the Arab World – makes for an artistic production that thrives on instability and masters elasticity.

Imagined as a walk into a music album, Both Sides of the Curtains brings mutable artistic practices together.  Artists convene and bring in their own tracks if disguised in different mediums – sculptures, videos, performances, concerts, publications. As they come together, the masquerading continues musically, lyrically, sensually, and also in readings and study sessions, screenings and talks. As it’s infused with frequencies and energies, Both Sides of the Curtain might dream up new materials to work from, build language from (for thinking about the present), build new relationships from, and will accumulate references with a growing whirlpool of authors, performers, dancers, musicians, artists, and publics.

Both Sides of the Curtains conjures an artistic production that wants to blend into the sonic, the sung, and danced; That withstands the sanctity of the temple and the uncertainly of the dance club; That needs to move, talk, escape, imagine, dream, and gather through other bodies and other tongues, speaking up for a desire to listen in and to hear things differently.

Mophradat is an international non-profit association that supports and organizes contemporary art projects in the Arab World and elsewhere.
Mophradat is supported by Ford Foundation (Cairo office) and Vlaams Gemeenschap.

Participating artists 
Objects, music, performances, readings, and other moments…
with Alaa Abdullatif, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Sophia Al Maria, Mirene Arsanios, Uriel Barthélémi, An Breugelmans, The Dwarfs of East Agouza (Alan Bishop, Maurice Louca and Sam Shalabi), Alix Eynaudi, Entissar Al Hamdany, Laura Huertas Millán, Cindice Lin, Joe Namy, Elena Narbutaitė, Marnie Slater, and Nile Sunset Annex with Doa Aly, Shehab Awad, Chris Beauregard, Olivier Castel, Ericka Florez, and Marnie Slater.
And a screening program of documentaries by Jumana Manna, Sherif Nakhla, Salma El Tarzi, and Heba Yousry, proposed by Alia Ayman (Zawya Cinema, Cairo)

Meeting Points 8: Both Sides of the Curtain is a project by Mophradat taking place in Beirut, Cairo, and at La Loge in Brussels. Curated by Malak Helmy and Raimundas Malašauskas.



gold and mood is good and windy
rich like kingdom of bones. Is it a curtain?

it comes close, passes by, moves away, takes on different spaces and faces. Like seeing and at the same time blind moment passing by, but with real worm human, like a car
a predator

a mirror landed like a needle last night,
An electric blanket (yes, we should definitely have an electric blanket!!!) Another week of taking care passed by, and i m joining in again.

Délicatement , glue and scissors and futuristic, alienated Art Brut drawings. This is my brief and a little bit messy friday hello
5.5 hours and months will change!







Taha Rai

Nile Sunset Anex Jennifer

it’s blue in daylight

Maybe of a gentle warm creature with an ugly face…or maybe a black dress with parts in liquid mercury…also the words gemstone, electric blanket, obsidian, symbols and markings carved in the wall, reflective salt, disintegrate ceiling, shower of stones….still some spinning to do…hear see you soon.

Leaking Alas into the thread.
And mirror paper application on fabric
It could come back to the flea market for the first time. I imagine that the paper would break as the fabric would move and make us think delicately, but still it would break, like one more tiny sound into a sonic wallpaper and other blankets

Candice Lin’s text could be written and hidden on the other side of this mirror paper, so the break would maybe reveal it?

Night falls
And now Joe, a new consonant in the mix
it could seep into other surfaces of the mixtape

Sending light refracted and Deep Listening sessions
just to see her table lamp on which some small candy paper dolls are hanging.

will stare for a moment

how careful moves in paper can also be seen or imagined as surfing on the water wave and developing a sense of balance and certain postures on the surfaces of the water

Mind always underwater always in mind, while sliding on its surface only, a thin line between on and under.