Justiceforall is a dance shared and cared for by three men.They simultaneously exercise three skills on stage: their copying of existing Art Brut paintings, their writing poetry, sometimes concrete, sometimes somatic, and their writing dance as poetry, each of these activities receiving the same attention and care.

Justiceforall witnesses to a shared interest in artistic practices that challenge established cultural values: in art that doesn’t take as a base for action its inscription in Art History. Or said yet differently, where the romantic notion of isolation from trends and mainstream artistry acts as a space for creativity.

Justiceforall can also be seen as a serie of tributes to: Art Brut, Concrete Poetry, Conlon Nancarrow*, Albert Huybrecht*, and to the somatic poems of CAConrad.

“We love drawings from Josef Bachler from 1973, we copy them, dedicate a dance to them, draw them on our shirt, cherish them until they’re part of our cavernous and raucous pool of possibilities, until they’re part of us. WHooF!”

*An American-born Mexican-naturalized experimental composer who left his country in 1940, escaping political harassment due to his leftist political views. *An almost unknown Belgian composer from the early XXth century

choreography Alix Eynaudi

performers Elton Petri, Alessio Scandale, Beno Novak

music Poème Électronique, Edgar Varése, Chanson (text from V. Hugo), Albert Huybrecht, Study for Player Piano No. 3d, Conlon Nancarrow 

thanks to the whole team of Tanzquartier,  Fuxherz, Maria Hoeger and the artists from Gugging Museum