Noa & Snow 

a gentle experiment between the everyday and the event

Noa & Snow is a poetry studio, a studio to be poetically inhabited.

Noa & Snow inscribes itself as a co-working space in which choreographic occurrences and writing support each other:  the audience is given the possibility to work on their almost daily writing tasks: applications, e-mails, long forgotten instant messages, shopping lists, letters maybe… at the same time as a performance is unraveling.

I see in Noa & Snow the opportunity to present “doing art” as any other activity that is recognizable and accepted as normal by everyone. As one makes bread or repairs cars, sells insurances, one do dance or poetry and it is an activity that has its natural place in the life of a city.

Noa & Snow proposes* To place art in everyday life in order to establish a new relationship with the event and the exceptional * To open a space where art meets other ordinary work activities, in a non-hierarchical way * To use poetry as a common tool to welcome otherness and the unexpected into our domestic lives and our daily work activities * To produce a kind of non-attentive attention, a non-oppressive dramaturgy that allows rather than guides

The first session of Noa + Snow will happen on the 10th of November at 2pm at the Volkskundemuseum in Vienna, in collaboration with Brut Wien and in the frame of Wien Modern.

The second session will be on the 1st of December.

It will then travel to Copenhagen during the festival Close encounters, organised by Dansehallerne at Den Frie gallery.


Guests in Vienna: Han Gyeol Lie, Krõõt Jurak, Alex Bailey, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Sara Lanner, Lydia McGlinchey

Guests in Copenhagen: Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Cécile Tonizzo, An Breugelmans