Noa & Snow 

between the everyday and the event, a gentle experiment


Noa & Snow proposes:

* To place art in everyday life in order to establish a new relationship with the event and the exceptional

* To open a space where art meets other ordinary work activities, in a non-hierarchical way

* To use poetry as a common tool to welcome otherness and the unexpected into our domestic lives and our daily work activities

* To produce a kind of non-attentive attention, a non-oppressive dramaturgy that allows rather than guides

Noa & Snow or a writing atelier taking place during a choreographic event.

Noa & Snow inscribes itself as a co-working space in which the dance and the writing support each other: choreographic events are offered to immerse the writing participants into a common working practice. It is a choreographic event during which the audience is given the possibility to write. There, people are invited to work on their almost daily writing tasks: applications, e-mails, long forgotten instant messages, shopping lists, letters maybe… at the same time as a performance is unraveling.

Noa & Snow wants to offer a space in which choreographic occurrences become intertwined with writing: a poetry studio, a studio to be poetically inhabited.

Noa + Snow will start in autumn 2018 and happen once a month (for two days) in October, November and December at the Volkskundemuseum Wien.