Noa + Snow

between the everyday and the event, a gentle experiment


 An act of hospitality can only be poetic” Jacques Derrida

  “Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought” – Audre Lorde, Poetry is Not a Luxury.


a project initiated by Alix Eynaudi, realized in collaboration with Gabrielle Cram and Sarah Blumenfeld with Guests.

We propose a co-working space managed by the artist where office tasks will cohabit with choreographic propositions, writing, thinking, discussing. We aim at making all these activities possible in the same space and triggering constant crossovers between a wild range of practices and situations.  In this sense, Noa + Snow becomes not only a poetry studio, but a studio to be poetically inhabited.

We will use the seemingly everyday situation of the co-working space for introducing disturbing elements, to play with distraction as another form of potential attention. This strategy allows various things to co-exist at the same moment in the same room and eventually produces the un-expected, a reconfiguration of operating modes.

Noa + Snow will start in autumn 2018 and happen once a month (for two days) in October, November and December during daily business hours of the Volkskundemuseum Wien. It shall continue in a second part in spring 2019 and will conclude with a publication, a “recueil de poésie”, as a post-script to the events.