to sing the wind, a dance of paper-thin transparent songs.

If we listened, we might hear no discernible lyrics, no convenient message – and yet that is the point: this tune is our permission to fail.

to sing the wind is a dance piece commissioned by Tanzquartier Wien in the frame of their program PARASOL. PARASOL is a newly formed dance group at Tanzquartier Wien (TQW). Each year, a group of five artists within the field of expanded choreography works with two choreographers on two dance pieces. PARASOL is thought of as a paid further training program for artists.

Concept Alix Eynaudi Parasol artists Alex Bailey, Camilla Schielin, Júlia Rúbies Subirós, Shahrzad Nazarpour, Theresa Scheinecker Sound design, music compilation, montage of music Han-Gyeol Lie, Paul Kotal Light design Krisha Piplits (re-visit of the light design made for the piece Hedera Helix by Elizabeth Ward) Production management Eva Holzinger for Mollusca Productions



Peach of clouds- Speech of clouds, a playlist played by Han-Gyeol Lie and Paul Kotal.