a project by Alix Eynaudi accomplices Cécile Tonizzo, Mihret Kebede, Sabina Holzer [hmm] – howls & murmurs for endangered futures + guests costumes & objects An Breugelmans production management Eva Holzinger/mollusca productions produced by boîte de production & Wiener Festwochen

Notebooks, small acts of friendship; a library, a writing studio, an erotic assembly.

Voices stationed at the edge of each other. Some howling shapeshifting our eyes, prickling the night fall on the river bank. It is a move in time: sidestepping books, a publishing gesture, one that falls under saga lands of caresses and words-as-spells thrown into the Danube with lips applied firmly to her. Scrabbling away a space into our day. Paraphrasing, leaning on/in each other’s presences & words: let’s turn everything we touch into a landscape, make new words, geyser out from the inside of the skin, spill into the length of our hands into falling wavelets.

Notebooks small acts of friendship is an attempt at prolonging the gesture of dance-caressing to the rivershore, thoughts, masked passengers, ducks and other echoed songs coming up on the inside lane of language.